Monday, May 12, 2008

Out for Dinner in San Mateo

The other night my wife went out with some friends, so I gave my daughter a heads up that if homework was done by the time I got home, we could go out too, and it got done in record time.

I thought my plans would be moot due to an unusual but thankfully non-fatal bike/train incident messing up CalTrain that evening, but trains were quickly back on schedule.

We headed up to San Mateo. I had a silly notion to go to that Mexican place with the ads starring the dorky kid, but we ended up at North Beach Pizza, where I got Chicken Marsala and my daughter got plain old spaghetti. I've linked to Yelp, but here's our review:


Susan said...

That is one big plate o' pasta.

Fritz said...

Ha ha; cute!