Sunday, May 18, 2008


A week or two ago I biked to work via Alameda/Junipero Sera/Foothill. Somewhere along the back of Stanford, I saw a couple of lizards by the side of the road.

While I took this guy's picture, his buddy made a break for it across the road, and got squished by a car :(

So I yelled and waved my arms and chased this one back into the bushes.

Folks who live up in Portola Valley, Woodside, the hills of PA, MP and RWC zip along these roads, driving up to live in the "country" because they love nature, right?


Fritz said...

California alligator lizards are very cool creatures. They're very easy to catch and keep in captivity -- just watch for their painful bite! A permit is required in California to capture and keep these lizards for any amount of time. Right now is mating season for them so the one lizard may have been chasing the other from it's territory.

(I love lizards)

Susan said...

Aww, I feel so bad for the lizard who didn't make it. :(