Saturday, May 10, 2008

In the Interest of Full Disclosure

We bought a new car. Well, new to us, anyway! (Which puts us in a much nicer class of car than we'd ever buy new; it's an Audi.)

The day after we bought it, I drove it to work to show it off to my friends. On the way home I was reminded of the fact that I don't commute by bike and train for idealistic reasons alone--traffic sucks! Since then I've been been back on the bike and CalTrain like usual. It's also more fun to meet up with my family after work that way--if I come by car, I have to drive it home by myself.

Our previous "unenlightened tranport" was a minivan, which had the advantage that when I meet up with my familty somewhere, it was easy to load up a bike. I've been keeping a bike rack in the truck of the new car, but it takes up a lot of room that really needs to be used for groceries and ice skates. I guess I'll be shopping for a bike rack that compacts better (and hopefully goes on more quickly).


murphstahoe said...

you need a Hollywood Rack. No, not the ones on Nip/Tuck. Hollywood has a very cool rear rack that attatches to a hitch, and the bikes lock in like a roof rack. Very cool, more secure than normal rear racks, folds up and goes into the trunk easily. Rack and Road is probably the place to go. I have some giftcards to rack and road I can donate to your cause...


295bus said...

Turns out the car doesn't have a hitch, unfortunately. But some of their other models might work.

If you're not using those cards, sure, I could use them. I'll even give you free online publicity in exchange :)