Monday, May 12, 2008

Citizen's Advisory Committees

There is an opening on the CalTrain CAC. Applications are due by Wednesday at 5 PM.

I've applied for this in the past (as well as the SamTrans board), never gotten on... perhaps they've read this blog and are wary of angry rants.

Probably what I should really be aiming for is getting more involved in an unofficial way (but in real life, rather than the internet). The CalTrain CAC announcement mentions that meetings are open to the public. I oughta show up some time.

In related news, I was pleased to read this announcement from Peter Ehrlich in his SFMuniHistory Yahoo group:

Perhaps now is the time for me to announce that I've received an appointment by the SF County Transportation Commission (that's the Board of Supes wearing a different hat) to the Citizen's Advisory Panel for Geary BRT. I was chosen to fill one of the At-Large seats. Supervisor Bevan Dufty liked my background and experience as a transit operator, and I think I can draw on that experience to help design this project.


Peter is a retired F Line motorman. Members of the Market St Ry will have seen examples of Peter's excellent photography in their newsletter; he is also a knowledgeable transit historian.

It's nice to see experience getting the appreciation it deserves (not really that common in the transit field, unfortuntely).

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