Thursday, March 26, 2009

Phil (Amazing Race) Keoghan Biking Cross-Country

Story here.

Keoghan will set off from Los Angeles on March 28 and end in New York on May 9 the day before the Amazing Race season finale airs on CBS, the network said Wednesday.

He always struck me as being genuinely qualified to host The Race somehow. Ride on!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Crude but Effective

And that's fine...

... but how many years of nagging to it take to get CalTrain to just take the simple measure of putting these signs on their trains?

A Side Benefit of the Bike Commute

With just five hours of sleep, because I was up til 1 generating speech recognition accuracy reports (and massaging the data to keep the numbers up--can't stop now or it'll look like we're getting worse), and up at 6 to take my kid to Chorus (which it turned out didn't have a rehearsal this morning, so we went to Peets

for a latte, hot chocolate, and coffee cake), it's nice to know that, whereas if I were driving I'd be seriously in danger of getting in a wreck because I fell asleep at the wheel, you really can't fall asleep while riding a bike!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Flight Pattern Map--How About a Commute Pattern Map?

This diagram, a visualization all the aircraft flights over the US in one day, is pretty cool.

Now image if you could analagously see the the daily travel patterns of all the people in a metro region, like the Bay Area.

The data would be harder to get. I bet cell phone providers have it, though.

It would be a huge help in planning future transit lines. Do we really know where everyone is trying to get to and from?