Thursday, February 21, 2008

Upcoming Meetings: Citizens vs Sycophants

TransitCamp will be holding a meeting in Palo Alto this weekend:

Our focus is on encouraging more people to use public transit. Certainly that doesn't exclude infrastructure, but I don't think a bunch of web geeks should be focusing on that. We discussed the following three areas in which the '2.0' crowd can contribute to the conversation:

  • technology
  • culture
  • education

Sounds intriguing!

Meanwhile, VTAWatch reports on a suspiciously hurried meetings the VTA is holding around Santa Clara county, ostensibly for public outreach about their Valley Transportation Plan 2035, but which have been so little publicized as to cast doubt on the VTA's actual interest in the public's opinion.

Read VTAWatch's article here which lists meeting times and locations.

If you believe, as I do, that the VTA should reconsider their "damn-the-torpedoes" dedication to the huge and underfunded BART extension, and look at alternatives like CalTrain Metro East, it might be good to show up and tell them so!

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