Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Simple Improvement to CalTrain Signs

If you're a regular rider, you've probably spend many a minute staring at CalTrain's electronic signs relaying the current date, thinking something like "who cares, tell me what time it is so that I know how soon my train is coming!"

Just lately they've improved this,

by putting the date and time on at the same time.

Maybe next we can get Muni to drop the worthless "destination" phase from their LRV's sign cycle (you know, N Judah....Destination...Mission Bay... (repeat).


Fritz said...

I'm so trained to look at my watch that I hadn't even noticed. I usually don't bother looking at the sign unless the train is late to see what worthless info is posted there.

Anonymous said...

I would be much happier if, when a train pulled up, the sign told you what train it was. It's easy to miss the little numbers at the front and when trains are late, you still may want to make sure you catch an express rather than a local.