Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chron Article Follows the Day of a Muni Driver

This is worth a read.

Muni drivers get a lot of heat, but responsibility flows upwards--most of the troubles with Muni are bad management, imho (and that includes the fact that, if there are bad apples amongst drivers, it's management's problem to get rid of them!), and if Muni is poorly managed, then that's really the Mayor and City Council's fault for not getting involved--and if they're not up to the job, then SF residents have nobody but themselves to blame for electing them!

This seems like a good time to post a belated, and anonymous, "thank you" to a J Church driver who, after we alighted from his train on an outing a few weeks ago, and were almost run down by some idiot, jumped down to the street to personally harangue him!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, that was great. Thank you, Muni driver! (wife here)