Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rough Night on CalTrain

From the Merc:
Amtrak train hits pedestrian in San Jose By Leslie Griffy
Mercury News
Article Launched: 02/28/2008 03:33:27 PM PST

An Amtrak train struck a pedestrian near the intersection of Coleman and Hedding streets in San Jose this afternoon, a spokeswoman said.

It is unclear how badly the pedestrian is injured, said Amtrak spokeswoman Verne Graham. She confirmed that a report came in that the 538 Capitol Corridor train heading to Sacramento from San Jose hit someone at around 3:05 p.m.

The crash closes one of Caltrain's main lines and will likely cause delays for commuters, Caltrain spokesman Jonah Weinberg said.

The commuter line from San Jose to San Francisco was already experiencing delays today because a Union Pacific freighter derailed Wednesday night in San Francisco, he said.

I missed this double-whammy, since my family was visiting my office to sell Girl Scout cookies, and we drove home.

Had I been planning to get home the usual way, at least thanks to the Twitter-based rider alert system I knew about the problem. It might've been a good night to take the VTA's 522 express bus. Anyway, this twitter thing really works--if you ride CalTrain, you really ought to get it (there's another one for BART).


Fritz said...

My SB evening train wasn't delayed, but I could see the workers cleaning up the remains and washing things down just north of San Jose. I hadn't heard the news at the time but it wasn't too hard to guess what happened, what with a train stopped on the tracks and lots of police walking around the tracks.

I use Twitter (and twittered the accident) but didn't know about Cow's thing. I thought of something similar but didn't have the energy to implement it.

295bus said...

I've learned the hard way--when the train slows down and you see a bunch of cops around--you might want to go back to your book/newspaper/etc instead of looking further :(

Fritz said...

I watched a neighbor get hit by a train about 8 years ago -- it's far from pretty. I don't rubberneck; last night I wasn't paying attention, just spacing after a long day of work while looking out the window when it dawned on me "Oh..."

295bus said...

I know how it goes. The time I saw more than I wanted to, the conductor even gave us a heads up, but it was a little oblique, like "hey folks, you don't want to see this", and being tired and clueless, my reaction was "I wonder what he's talking abou---oh.".