Friday, February 25, 2011

Sulky Tween, Train-Obsessed Toddler

Me: Do you think it's going to snow tomorrow?

Wini: No way, it's not gonna snow.

Me: It's totally gonna snow! It's gonna be just like The Snowy Day.

Wini: Dad.

Me: There's gonna be drifts piled up on E Street!

Other Kid (we carpool to school): Wanna bet?

Me: Sure. The bet is, whoever looses, gets a snowball thrown at them.

Other Kid: But if it doesn't snow...

Wini: If it doesn't snow, I get to throw a stick at you!

Me: You won't even be able to find a stick under all the snow!


Me: Nathan, look at that big rainbow!

Nathan: Tracks!

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