Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fresno HSR Station Plans

Very preliminary plans for the Fresno HSR station and nearby developments have been published at

Not knowing Fresno well, I can't comment too much, but I'm glad to see that the station is planned for the middle of town (right next to the historic SP station)--some of the valley stations have been envisioned more like airports, outside of town, with plenty of parking but no connection to their city.

There is a story about the plan in The Fresno Bee. A few threads in the comments in the online article are:

  • This is all a waste of money (yawn).
  • This will help revitalize downtown Fresno.
  • This is another doomed scheme dreamed up by politicians to revitalize downtown Fresno.
  • A fun surprise: several readers say what Fresno should really be working on is a light rail system. One even linked to map of his proposed system.

At least with the low opinion of downtown Fresno, held by locals and others, nobody is objecting that elevated tracks will ruin it.

About all I can think of to say pro or con these plans themselves is that it seems a shame not to reuse the historical SP depot.


Yokota Fritz said...

Like you write, good to see this in the downtown. I haven't really paid attention to what the other valley cities are doing.

SBLT - Sri Bhagyalakshmi Travel Access said...

Nice One. I like the 3 ring binder idea because you can add to it and still have it neat.

SBLT Access

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