Friday, January 23, 2009

Driving Sux

It was raining, and I had a meeting I didn't want to show up wet for, so I decided to drive to the station.

I figured that if I can get down there in 15 mins by bike, I should be able to drive it in 15 mins, too, right? But I didnt' consider:

  • Having to slow down for road construction, instead of scooting by with a wave onthe shoulder.
  • Having to wait for a green light to turn right because some bozo got in the turn lane and decided to go straight.
  • Having to wait through two cycles to turn left, because traffic was backed up to far to get into the left turn lane.
  • Having to find a parking place.
  • Paying for parking.
  • Realizing that the parking ticket machine is not next to the sign saying "pay for parking".

I made the train but the last point was the last straw, and all I could do was watch it stop and get going again.

I can't believe people put up with this crap every day.

Next time I'm packing a change of clothes and I'm just going to get wet riding my bike and not mind.

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