Monday, January 05, 2009

Commuting Again

Parental leave is all used up, and I'm back on the job.

I jumped back on the saddle and got back into the train/bike commute on the first day... and it started to rain.

It was a chilly morning in Mountain View but the Cafe Maison guys were out as usual.

I noticed CalTrain has a new schedule--printed in black and white only--budgets must be tight!

The SF Bike Coalition Bikes-on-Board campaign had distributed flyers on trains pointing out the economic advantages of bike/train commuting--pointing out that the subsidy for a commuter taking a bike on CalTrain, and theoretically taking up the equivalent of two seats, is still lower than what it costs to subsidize station parking places, or commuter shuttle busses from station to workplace. Cool!

Meanwhile, my employer, Microsoft, has started offering CalTrain Go Passes to all Bay Area employees--I now have a shiny "GO" sticker on my ID card that lets me ride anywhere, anytime. Awesome!

And just so you know, my new son Nathan is showing an interest in trains, large and small.


Yokota Fritz said...

Your son: How cute!

I love Cafe Masion and stop by to say 'Hi' and maybe buy something everytime I'm at Mountain View Caltrain.

The black & white sched: I'm told it's an interim for the fare increase because there will be schedule changes in just a couple of months. And they screwed it up anyway and had to reprint them last week and throw out an entire batch.

Susan said...

He's focused like a laser on that trolley.