Friday, June 06, 2008

Transit of the Future???

If you use GMail, the ads that pop up in the margins, sort of thematically linked to what you're talking about, can be interesting, or at least amusing. While arranging to meet extended family in Berkeley, I was offered a link to a site to "Meet Goth Guys"; and I'm always getting links to baking-related sites when my wife and I talk about our cat, Nutmeg.

Anyway, while perusing transit related emails, popped up. It seems to be an attempt to marketize some ideas for high-speed cable tramways that were revealed at the Russian booth at a World's Fair.

I'm passing this along for entertainment purposes only (though I do think cable tramways deserve to be taken more seriously as a transit medium).


Anonymous said...

We were entertained by those G-Mail ad examples.

The riders in your illustration make better sense after we noticed that Anatoly Unitsky (the inventor) wears a tie at the wind tunnel. .../html/stu_images_23.html

Allie & Norm.

Logan said...

The aerial tramways that do exist are generally monorail-style tourist amusements, but I do find it very hard to argue with early 90's style graphical renderings. Very hard.

Alternate Transport said...

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