Monday, June 02, 2008

Go Giants!

Perhaps I've never been a baseball fan just because I've never had the luck of seeing a really good game in person.

Yesterday, we rode up to PacBell SBC AT&T Park on CalTrain, met my parents (who came via Muni), saw the Giants vs the Padres, and I kinda see what the fuss is about.

The early innings zipped along, time-wise, but were low-scoring. The Giants scored a run somewhere around the fifth inning, and looked on their way to winning a fairly uninspiring game, but then things heated up, with the game tied after the ninth, the Padres pulling ahead in the top of the the tenth, and the Giants making a comeback and winning 4-3.

Thus ends my first and probably last attempt at sportswriting.

Getting back on theme--CalTrain annoyingly ran a four-car train on the northbound run arriving just before the game, and needless to say, it was pretty crowded. It was a gallery-car train (Why do they never run the new Bomb-sets on weekends? Probably just so they can wear on the old equipment faster and replace it with new cars...); we sat down on the twisty stairs to the second level, and this turned out to be a good strategy--if anyone gets off from that particular section of the upper level, you're basically guaranteed their seat.

The trip back was more fun because we got a post-game special, which expressed from SF to San Carlos, and got us back to our car at Atherton in 35 minutes. I bet it took my parents longer on Muni to get home, just going across town, on Muni.

Go CalTrain!


murphstahoe said...

I started to write about the 4 car train I rode in last Friday - with 2 bike cars to boot on the way to a Giants game. I have never been in such a crowded train.

I went to look the schedule to say which train it was, and found this...

295bus said...

I've been hitting one of those trains w/o a wheelchair car on the ride home a lot lately. They put a "no bikes" sign on one of the bike racks to reserve it for wheelchairs.

They shoulda kept some of those old klunkers they had around as a stopgap before the Bombardier cars showed up, around 2000-2001 (the ex-Metra bilevels were crummy but usable, the demotorized RDC's were kinda cool) for just this sort of situation.