Friday, June 13, 2008

An Accident?

The death of a sixth-grader, hit and killed by an SUV while biking home on the last day of school is a tragedy, but not an unavoidable accident.

The driver of the SUV knew that her oversize vehicle would put others at risk when she bought it. She is not a murderer, but she's not an innocent victim either, despite her tears.

The City of San Jose bears responsibility too, for taking their sweet time implementing traffic calming measures asked for by residents of the Rose Garden neighborhood where this tragedy happened.

Hopefully, the youth of the victim will hold back the usual "safety tips" that law enforcement automatically offers (regardless of the facts of the particular case) every time a biker is killed, that 90% of such accidents are the biker's fault.

This, incidentally, is the City Rose Garden that gives the neighborhood its name.


Fritz said...

The school is adjacent to the intersection where Breanna was hit -- there's absolutely no excuse for a driver to go fast enough kill a child in front of an elementary school when school is getting out.

I ride on that section of Park often. Traffic calming is necessary here -- drivers speed and run stop signs with impunity.

295bus said...

There's no mention of a connection to this incident, but the Merc reports that SJ is making it easier for neighborhoods to get traffic calming.