Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow on Mt Hamilton

On Saturday we had an errand in Fremont, and optimistically put sleds in the car in hopes that there would still be snow on Mt Diablo. On closer inspection, the sides of the mountain turned out to be green.

Sunday morning I was a tad jealous to see LA bloggers' pictures of snow-capped San Gabriels.

The today, going about Mountain View, from the top of the Shoreline overpass, I saw snow behind San Jose. I quickly called home, and volunteered to pick up patches for the Girl Scout troop at the council store in Santa Clara. I grabbed bike and camera (being a transit blogger means you always have a camera with you) and caught the next southbound train.

Downtown San Jose was lively (having first seen the place in the 80's, I am perpetually surprised to find that the place is no longer a ghost town) and scrubbed clean by the rain.

Nice artsy shots combining snow and light rail were somewhat elusive, but here's a few.

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