Sunday, January 27, 2008

Girl Scouts on the 271

Last week, RWC Girl Scout Troop 16 made a trip to the San Mateo County History Museum.

First, the Girl Scout Promise was recited.

Next, the adventure began. The troop took samTrans route 271 from the school to downtown Redwood City.

Some of the girls had never been on a city bus before. They all seemed to enjoy the ride!

The History Museum is in the former San Mateo County Courthouse building. If you've ever been in downtown RWC, you've probably noticed the dome. This is what it looks like from the inside:

The scouts got a tour, including one of the old courtrooms.

Everyone got to sit in the judge's chair, the witness stand, and the jury box.

There are interesting exhibits, including a section called "The Journey to Work", about the history of commuting in San Mateo County. There's a stagecoach (I'm cheating a little here and using some pictures from previous visits),

a model of a United Railroads San Mateo interurban line "Big Sub",

and a mocked-up streetcar controller that kids (or adults) can try driving:

Another room has examples of science and technological innovation centered around our region. This "Chemistry set for boys" affronted our Girl Scout sensibilities:

The last stop was Young's Ice Cream, another relatively new downtown RWC attraction.

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Fritz said...

Cute :-)

It's always fun seeing the school fieldtrips when they come on Caltrain. It's pretty obvious many students are first time riders.