Monday, December 20, 2010

Clipper Card for Kids: They're not Making this Easy

You can't get a Youth Clipper Card online (because anyone could pretend they're a kid, I suppose--just like you can't get Youth BART tickets in stations, because TVM's can't see you). In San Mateo County, you have to go to SamTrans HQ in San Carlos.

Since Wini and I are both on vacation today, we went over to fill out the form, etc. We distracted Nathan by giving him a brochure about busses.

The catch is, you need to bring photo ID (drivers license (!), school ID, passport...), which we hadn't. Guess we'll try again after Christmas.


Yokota Fritz said...

That reminds me -- I need to load my Clipper for January's Caltrain pass.

Ms.TJ said...

I was offended when I was told to show my son's birth certificate. I thought that was too invasive and refused to get a card for the past 2 years card. But now you are saying the school I.D. will suffice. I'll look into that tomorrow. Thanks.