Monday, June 14, 2010

Girl Scout Camping, Dad & Nate's Bike Adventure, Pt II

Saturday began cold, but as we ate breakfast, occasional odd gusts of warm air blew down through the trees--a bit of the inland weather (it was hot back home) sneaking over the hills.

By mid-morning it was warm enough that when we moved across the park to the day-use area, the creek was irresistible.

Splash! from Nick Kibre on Vimeo.

The girl scouts got to choose a route for a hike, and the trail along the creek was an easy winner.

Left to our own devices, I racked up the bike and Nathan and I headed down the road towards Pescadero, and stopped at Phipps Farm, where you can pick your own berries. They had olallieberries.

For the bike fans, here's a clear shot showing off Nate's cool new "that's how I roll" shirt!

You pay $3/lb for the berries you take, plus a $3 entrance fee (for anyone over 5), which is reasonable enough when you bring along a little tike on his first trip to a berry farm.

Afterwards we ate a lunch prepared for us by the helpful sandwich crew of troop 16 on a bench out front, and tracked down a nearby geocache.

I'd noticed on the drive in that the lower end of Pescadero Creek Road actually has pretty good bike lanes, so we packed up our pickings in the trunk (which would hopefully stay cool) and rode the last half mile down into town.

It was heating up pretty nicely even on the coastside, so we picked up some refreshments at Archangeli's Market.

We headed back via North St, a quiet back street of Pescadero (though it's basically a two-street town), which had some interesting building like this Catholic church,

and half way back to Pescadero Creek Road we passed this Goat Cheesery,

which looked intriguing, but we only looped around to wave at a friendly black dog resting in the shade out front.

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murphstahoe said...

The Goat Creamery is a good place to stop with kids, they have baby goats that the kids can come pet.

Phipps freaked me out with the animals all penned up and the bizarre nursery. But I didn't know there were berries there too!