Saturday, June 12, 2010

Girl Scout Camping, Dad & Nate's Bike Adventure, Pt I

Firday night the Girls of RWC GS Troop 30016 headed over the hill Memorial County Park for their first ever camping trip, organized by Wini's Mom, with Nathan I tagging along.

We brought a kid-seat equipped bike, and since part of the point of this trip is that the girl scouts learn to do things themselves,

Nathan & I were free to entertain ourselves while they set up tents and made dinner.

We pedalled up a fire road at the back of the campground, which lead to Wurr Road on the hillside over the park. This is a quiet back road that seems reasonable for a ride in the country. We headed west, downnhill, and at the bottom was the hamlet of Loma Mar.

Getting back we had several options. One was to go back the way we came. The other was to go up Pescadero Creek Road to the main entrance of the park. Lots of people rise this road, but it's not ideal--blind curves and in some places, no shoulder. However, there was a dirt path by this part, and we only had to go a little ways to get into an unofficial back entrance to the park.

Are you sure this is the right way Dad?

There are some interesting, marginally maintained (abandoned?) day use areas in the lower eand of the park.

Nathan seemed to enjoy our ride through the forest, chattering away, but towards the end got rather quiet.

It was a big adventure, after all!

A final bike-advocacy note: As much fun as it was finding our own way, wouldn't be it be nice is San Mateo county had a network of certified bike-friendly routes through the hills and south coast, at least to connect each park with a nearby town?

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Yokota Fritz said...

Do you have the 2009 SM County bike map? Took me forever to even find your park on it (but I'm not familiar with SM County outside of the the coast towns and Bay side and the few major roads.