Sunday, May 30, 2010

Free-Range Kid

My daughter Wini has been itching to get out on her own by bike. The other night she asked if she could bike to Jo-Ann's for supplies for a sewing project, but it was dark out and there's some big streets on the way. Yesterday she asked if she could ride over to her friend's house, over across town in our old neighborhood. I don't think she really realizes how far it is, and there's no really good way to go (not just for kids--I don't really relish riding on Woodside Road myself).

Today it was hot and she wanted to ride downtown and get ice cream. After the usual parental safety lecture we let her go. I had to resist the urge to follow her and make sure she was safe.

She came back from Young's with chocolate on her lips so I guess the trip was a success.

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Yokota Fritz said...

It's a little unnerving to let go, isn't it?