Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bought a House

We've been wanting to for a long time, and have recently had the new incentive that we're just not going to fit in our current rental now. But what finally got us to jump is, first of all, things (finally) getting a bit more affordable, but also our recent discovery of Redwood City's "alphabet neighborhood", which has an unusual combination of suburban niceness, (relative) affordability, and convenient access to transit. It's a pretty quick bike ride, and a quite doable walk to Sequoia Station, and unlike a lot of ostensibly much posher parts of RWC, you (or your kids) don't have to go through any sketchy areas to get there.

We haven't yet adopted the free-range kids philosophy, but this location will make us feel comfortable turning our daughter (and eventually, son) loose on the world a little sooner than a lot of others would, and put interesting things to do within reach... She already knows how to get to Great America, after all.

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Pantograph Trolleypole said...

Sweet location efficient neighborhood there 295!