Monday, October 23, 2006

Today's Lunchtime Outing

Today looked to be one of the last nice days of fall weather. Admittedly, I've thought that every day for a couple of weeks now, but it's still a good reason to get outside.

Today I walked around Mountain View--I walked, instead of biked, because I'm still a little dizzy from a bonk I got last night ice-skating. Generally, when I fall skating, it's forwards, which can hurt a bit, but usually I just end up polishing the ice with my shirt, like some sort of human Zamboni. Last night I tried to learn t-stops, which involves leaning backwards, and clearly I don't have it quite down yet. I wasn't in a hurry anyway, so I took a walk through the decidedly non-creepy back alleys of Mountain View.

There were a few interesting architectural oddities along the way, which I'll take pictures of sometime and post on my nkncat blog, like a rustic garage with cow skull over the door. Yee haw! Eventually I ended up at the California Street Market at California and Mariposa, and picked up a lunch that's a bit of a compromise between the yummy but not so healthy stuff I used to eat, and my current palate: one tamal, a large V8, and a banana. All very portable, so I dined al fresco and continued my tour, looped around more quaint neighborhoods, and eventually back to work.


Dave said...

Tamal, V8, and banana. Nice! Keep up the good work. I'm trying to do the same trying to keep the blood pressure and blood sugar down.

I wish I had time to do some walking around Lawrence. Of course the weather here is getting a bit colder than yours now!

Blake Engel said...

Hey, I really enjoy your blog. I tried to add it to my RSS reader, but was not able to locate an RSS feed for your blog, although every other Blogger blog I read seems to have one.

As your adoring public, it would be wonderful to have more easy access to your writing!

Thanks again for writing.

295bus said...

Hi Blake; thanks for writing!

I'm looking into the RSS thing. It looks like there's already an "Atom" feed at:

But it looks like RSS would be more convenient. I may set up something via feedburner. First, though, I'm going to get advice from a friend of mine who writes his own blogging software for fun (see the Issues with Stuff link in my sidebar).

Anyway, your urban hiker blog looks interesting--I'll listen to some of the audio posts when I'm in a more conducive environment (i.e., not at work).

And Dave, lest you think I'm not eating anything but vegetables, Mrs 295Bus and I have lately found a recipe for donuts that are actually good for you, if you can believe it!

Blake Engel said...

Oh boy, I don't maintain my blog as well as you do. I'll let you know when I get my act together. Clearly our blogs have what they call in the valley, good "synergy." :-)

Dave said...

Can I have the recipe???

: )


295bus said...

Mix 1/3 Nature's Path organic pancake mix (there are other kinds you can use, check that they're whole grain and high protein) with egg beaters or equivalent, plus some water, add Splenda and cinnamon. It should look like pancake batter.

Bake in mini bundt cake forms. We got a tray that makes six. It's made of silicone rubber. Hate to admit it, but we bought it at Walmart--though that probably means you can find it at any other Walmart, at least. Spray something like Pam on first.

Bake at 420 for 12 mins. After they're cool enough to pop out of the mold, spray with "I can't believe it's not real butter" spray, then roll in a mixture of cinnamon and Splenda.

Dave said...

Thanks, Nick. Saved it to my Recipe file!

295bus said...

I accidentally discovered you can get RSS content for this blog at: