Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Vote for MSR 798!

(This is the first, and hopefully only time I'm brazenly posting something on both this blog and my NKNCat blog, but dammit, this is important!)

A local (that is, S.F. Bay Area) historical preservation agency is choosing projects to fund by letting people vote for them on the internet.

I'm voting for Market Street Ry. car no 798, and encourage my fellow trolley fans to log in and do so too!

To vote, go to the Partners in Preservation website (you will have to register). 798 is listed as "San Francisco Streetcar 798" in the pulldown list ballot.

For more info on car 798, take a look at the (modern) Market Street Ry.'s website (the new MSR is a streetcar restoration group which works with San Francisco's MUNI to support the F line; they are named after the historical MSR, a former, privately-owned streetcar company, originally a competitor to the MUNI and later merged into it).

As you might guess from the checkered MUNI/MSR logos I'm using as my background on this blog, this is one of my favorite streetcars. If it wins this grant, we might all be able to take a ride on it someday soon!

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