Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hostes Humani Generis

Have you ever played the game Illuminati? It's a card game of comically vast conspiracies, where players construct hierarchies of front organization taking orders from secret overlords, such as the Gnomes of Zurich or the Servants of Cthulhu. But nothing in Illuminati can compare with the web of fronts and mouthpieces that ExxonMobil has created to cast doubt on the reality of global warming. Take a look at's nifty interactive map.

It is clear by now that global warming is real, and that its effects, such as the innundation of lowlying cities, and desertification of farmland, may be catastrophic. Probably millions of lives are in the balance. This network of charlatans has slowed down honest debate about this problem for over a decade. Like pirates or torturers, they are enemies of all mankind, willing to betray their species' future for cash. They need to be called out and publicly shamed.

Years of dry academic writing leave me ill-fit for over-the-top speechifying, but I would tell them something to the effect of this speech from Roger Corman's It Conquered the World:

  This is your land, your world. Your hands are human but your mind is enemy. You're a traitor... The greatest traitor of all time. And you know why? Because you're not betraying part of mankind - you're betraying all of it.

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