Friday, July 16, 2010

Up to the City with Nathan

Nathan & I rode up to SF on CalTrain. It was a game night last night, so things were pretty crazy, but he doesn't seem to mind crowds. For this type of outing I have an elastic strap to tether our wrists together. Yeah, it's more or less a baby-leash, but in this sort of situation he actually gets more freedom this way, because otherwise I'd just have to carry him!

We had dinner at the Panera across the street from the station, which is a nice place to watch streetcars.

We strolled past the busy ballpark to the playground at South Beach Park, which is a good one for little kids; it has a rider-powered merry-go-round, which are rare these days.

We visited Borders (bought Nate a new book), and noted but didn't have time to visit a new FroYo place, before heading back to the station.

It'll be nice to get CalTrain extended downtown someday, but in the meantime at least there's a few things to do within walking distance of 4th & King.

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arcady said...

I love that Panera for watching streetcars. Used to go there all the time back when I lived in SF. By the way, next thursday at 7 pm, there'll be a local transit enthusiasts meeting there with Jarrett of