Thursday, October 09, 2008

A More Interesting Reason to Commute

A bike to/from tag seen on CalTrain:


Peter said...

Vote 'Yes' on B.

295bus said...

My position is that actual transit riders will be better off if B fails--because it will (hopefully) force the VTA to abandon their BART-and-nothing-else position, adequately fund other transit in SCCo, and maybe actually find an alternative way of connecting SJ to the East Bay that they can actually afford, and which might get built in our lifetimes.

I welcome counterarguments.

murphstahoe said...

I'm with 295 on this one. There are two big transit elections I worry about - B in Santa Clara County and Q in Sonoma. I live in SF County. Oh well.


Yokota Fritz said...

Can I comment on the photo? LOL.

And back to topic: "NO" on B. But I live in Santa Cruz County and work in San Mateo County. Oh well.

-p said...

A clever ploy to get people to avoid putting their bike over his. With all that activity, his seat may be carrying something