Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not Easy being a Biker in Woodside--Even if you Live There!

According to a Menlo Park Almanac story (can't find it on their web site), the Woodside council has approved reducing the community bike committee from seven members to six, because it's proving hard to find seven bikers in town to fill it--or even enough to show up and have a quorum if the official committee size stays at seven.

According to the article, it's hard to recruit to the committee because identifying yourself as a biker in Woodside gets you ostracized from dinner parties, and because the Town Council pretty consistently snubs their recommendations (for bike lanes, pot-hole repair, designating safe routes for kids to bike to school, etc) anyway.


grvsmth said...

Come to Woodside, NY - we're getting some nice bike lanes next month!

295bus said...

Woodside NY, eh? Googling it up, I found this page on one of my fav sites: