Monday, March 31, 2008

Petition Against the Mortgage Bailout

A central theme of this blog is that things should work. Transit should be about getting people where they need to go, and housing should be about giving people a place to live--rather than an "investment".

So I'm urging all my readers to sign this petition against the proposed mortgage bailout:

Let people who made foolish investments take a hit, learn a little, move on, and let the housing market be more truly a market.

Let's face it, American society is pretty brutal. If you loose a job and/or have serious health problems, you're SOL. We don't even do a very good job of looking out for the health and education of other people's kids. Does owning property suddenly mean you deserve do be coddled?

Besides, the government never bailed out my 401k when it went down. So bite me!


Fritz said...

I saw the bubble starting to burst two years ago and put my home up for sale immediately. One of the things that stayed my hand shortly, admittedly, was the realization that citizens would demand a bailout.

295bus said...

So did you sell, and if so, do you feel like you did the smart thing?

Fritz said...

Oh yeah, I sold. And yes, it was the smart thing.

Anonymous said...

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