Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sausalito/Mill Valley Trolley

This has recently been proposed by a new group. Here's some articles:

North Bay Business Journal, Oct 29th, "Marin Group Exploring Trolley System".

Marin Independent Journal, Nov 12th, "Trolley Proposal Intriguing".

Here's a proposal of my own: bundle this project with SMART; that way, the trolley will get funded, and SMART will pick up some much-needed votes in Marin.


Anonymous said...

The plan is to have this trolley system to be electric with the wires above ground and above the street. In Marin? Down Bridgeway? How ugly will that be? Isn't there a newer better way?

295bus said...

Nonsense! Trolley wires are beautiful!

Actually, like anything else, they can be done well or poorly.

Take a look at some of the unobtrusive minimalist overhead they've done in Little Rock:

More good pictures all over

For examples of bad/ugly overhead, see Pittsburgh!