Friday, September 14, 2007

You Might be able to Drive Faster, Maybe

In the middle of the night, ignoring all stopsigns.

I noticed my tires were squishy, reinflated them, and noticed I'm riding a lot faster. So I decided to see if I could beat my personal best commute time. Here's how it worked out this morning:

9:20 Leave home, in SW Redwood City
9:33 Arrive at Menlo Park CalTrain (3 miles from home)
9:35 Board Train 332, SB Bullet
9:46 Arrive, Mountain View (7 miles from MP)
9:48 At office (3 blocks away)

According to Google Maps, this trip is 13.3 miles, and takes 20 mins by car--but I assure you, it takes longer when you (and everybody else) are trying to get to work. Total time for my intermodal commute is 28 mins--which is pretty much the same as the actual time it takes to drive here, in my experience.

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