Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy 4th! Part I

We kicked off the holiday on the 3rd with a trip to the San Jose Children's Discovery Museum. Balancing practicality and transitfandom, we drove to the "Metro Center" station and rode the VTA the rest of the way--which turned out also to be fortuitous, since the CDM's own parking lot was closed for the day (we got off at the Children's Discovery Museum station. If you do this trip, note that Santa-Terese-bound trains stop at the CDM station, but Winchester-bound trains don't--but if a Winchester train comes first, get on anyway, and get off at the SJ Convention Center, the last stop before the lines split; it's only about a block away).

There was do-it-yourself facepainting.

We checked out science exhibits,

and the ever-popular bubble-basement.

There's a room of changing exhibits, and currently it's all about Clifford the Big Red Dog. Kids can bee fish and chip (and fruit?) cooks,

or deliver letters around Birdwell Island.

I climbed into the stagecoach. Stagecoaches are a form of public transportation, right? It's research!

Besides, I have a feeling this particular stagecoach may have been on display in a Wells Fargo branch in my neighborhood about 30 years ago.

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