Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Breaking out into Traditional Media

The 12/23 Chronicle carried the following letter from yours truly:

Beyond platitudes

Editor -- The Silicon Valley Leadership Group (Open Forum, Dec. 18) is intent on reducing greenhouse gases by cutting down on the use of cars -- so it urges the employees of its member companies to bike to work, and favors extending BART to San Jose. But it seems blind to the role that valley employers play in fostering a dependence on cars, by setting up shop in remote, sprawling office parks that are only realistically accessible by driving. So how about a new pledge for the members of the SLVG: to put their offices within walking distance of Caltrain, light rail, or if it ever gets built, BART?

I wish I had taken a few minutes to edit for style--just because you have a PhD doesn't mean you have to sound like it!

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Susan said...

Yes, you sound like you have a monocle and top hat! Kudos.