Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Redwood City to Mountain View, a Slightly Shorter Way

Another Tuesday, and another ice-skating playdate!

I decided to try another RWC→MV bike ride, but taking a little bit less scenic route.

I originally planned to go straight down Middlefield, but found a better route through back streets along the "inland" side of the 101.

Today's route is in purple

These are kind of interesting neighborhoods that actually still feel a little more rural than suburban; part of the way is along a creek.

Eventually I ended up in Mountain View, came over Central Expwy and the CalTrain tracks on the Shoreline Overpass (if you approach the overpass the right way, aiming to go on the East/South side of the roadway, the side facing downtown, you can find a "secret" bike path that goes through trees and tunnels and avoids the whole Shoreline/Central half cloverleaf).


Dave said...

Hi Nick,

Nice map! I should see about riding a bike here in Lawrence. I think I'd feel a little more confident here on a bike than I did in a big metro area.

Haven't done a whole lot of sightseeing around here yet, although there are a few spots I want to check out--like some original wagon ruts of the Santa Fe Trail in a town called Black Jack about 40 miles or so from here. Also some scenic drives around the Flint Hills and around the Missouri River.

Other than that, I'm trying to get student loans and financial aid taken care of. It'd be good to have money to live on for the school year!


295bus said...

Sounds like a nice town for biking around, though I just checked on the weather you're having, and it looks like you might want to wait a bit for things to cool down!

Anyway, stay tuned, I have one more route to MV planned that I'll add to my map hopefully next week!